Africa Round Table

 Africa Round Table on Insolvency Reform 2017 

The Africa Round Table (ART) on insolvency reform is hosted jointly by INSOL International and World Bank Group.

Since the introduction of the Africa Round Table initiative in 2010, the focus has been on introducing delegates across the continent to the various insolvency and restructuring tools that are available in an insolvency scenario, with the emphasis on encouraging and supporting insolvency reform. While the reform of insolvency law is important as a first step towards making the system more efficient, it should be clear that reform on its own, without the associated steps that need to be taken to implement the law, can to a large extent make the reforms ineffectual.

The first day is by invitation only, with places strictly limited to enable real discussion between policy makers, judges, regulators, practitioners and lenders on insolvency reform across Africa.

ART Open Forum

The second day is opened up to all those interested in and affected by insolvency reform in Africa. This is to enable a greater forum for all stakeholders to engage in discussion and to learn from international best practice.  

The date and venue for 2018 Africa Round Table will be announced in the New Year.

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