Membership Benefits

Members of INSOL International are entitled to the following benefits through their membership of the Association: 


Members of INSOL receive preferential rates to attend both the Quadrennial Congress, which is held every four years and the regional annual conferences which take place annually in the intervening years at preferential rates. The saving on, for example, the Quadrennial Congress is in the region of US$300 per delegate.

The conferences give you the opportunity to network with colleagues from your own country and worldwide. We are constantly striving to develop technical programmes that are at the cutting-edge in their content and presentation.

INSOL also arranges one-day seminars in various destinations to provide educational cross-border programmes, members are entitled to a discounted rate.

International Insolvency Review (IIR)

The IIR is a unique publication containing technical articles on many aspects of international insolvency. The Editor is Professor Ian Fletcher, Professor of International Commercial Law, University College London (UCL).  It is published by Wiley - Blackwell three times a year.  The institutional subscription rate is US$825 but the INSOL member's rate is only US$186 / £129.


INSOL World, is our quarterly member’s newsletter. The journal features current events and developments concerning the profession worldwide, our Member Associations and INSOL International.  It frequently includes items of technical news not covered elsewhere.  This also provides members with a valuable way to advertise their services and reach potential customers worldwide.

Technical Electronic Newsletter

All members receive our monthly electronic newsletter.  In these, we cover global case decisions, new and pending legislation, journal articles, news, deal information and any other information of interest to our members.  The newsletter has a format that provides links to the full details of the articles.


Members of INSOL receive free of charge a personally mailed copy of any publications produced by INSOL. This has included:

INSOL Technical Series

In 2007 we launched our Technical Series. Under this series INSOL publishes technical informative papers regularly on a number of current hot topics. There are over 25 papers published to date.

Technical Projects for Smaller Practitioners

INSOL International is committed to providing technical products specifically aimed at smaller practitioners.  In August 2011 we published a book on Creditors' Rights and launched the Technical Paper Series.

INSOL Case Studies

The Technical Research Committee agreed to launch this project where research will be carried out on major cross-border cases. The objective of each case study is to give a good insight into significant practical issues that have come up in these cases and to find out what lessons can be learned for the future. The case studies will be presented in a standard format.

There are now six case studies available in this series.


The website at is updated regularly to give the members current information regarding INSOL International.

The members-only section contains congress and judicial papers, together with articles and links to other sites. Conference registration is also available online, with a secure booking site.

Smaller Practitioners Website

The Smaller Practitioners section of the web site is now available for all practitioners to display their personal profiles for other practitioners to view. The Smaller Practitioners forum allows members to create a post or topic to share with other members for discussion.

Members also have access to the Global Insolvency website, which is hosted by the American Bankruptcy Institute on behalf of the INSOL member associations.  This is a valuable source of information for members.  It provides INSOL members with a comprehensive overview of global insolvency issues.

Membership Directory

Our Membership Directory is published annually. The Directory is a focal point of reference for organisations and individuals working in the business-rescue and insolvency profession in over 60 countries throughout the world. In addition to full member listings, the directory contains:

The INSOL Directory contain results of a survey's into the qualifications and appointment of Insolvency Professionals around the world. Over 28 countries' qualifications and appointment are listed.

INSOL Secretariat

The Secretariat based at the headquarters of INSOL in London is available to help members with contacts in particular parts of the world or try to assist in providing answers on particular questions.

The office can provide a base for meetings if a member is in London on business. Additionally, archive files of conference papers are held in our library for our members.

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