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This page contains articles submitted by Fellows to the INSOL Quarterly Journal INSOL World and to other publications of note within the insolvency spectrum. To alert us about articles that could be considered for inclusion please contact heather@insol.ision.co.uk.

Australian Insolvency Journal

Feature: A Report on INSOL Hong Kong 2014
By Scott Atkins, Fellow, INSOL International, Henry Davis York
(From the June 2014 edition of the Australian Insolvency Journal)

INSOL World Articles


Second Quarter 2015
Inaugural INSOL Fellows Refresher Course in San Francisco Hailed as a Great Success
By Allan Nackan, Fellow, INSOL International, Farber Financial Group, Toronto, Canada

First Quarter 2015
The Times they are A-Changin’ - American Bankruptcy Institute Commission Releases Report on Reform of Chapter 11
By Daniel Saval - Fellow, INSOL International - Brown Rudnick LLP, New York USA


Fourth Quarter 2014
100 Here We Come - The First 6 Years of The INSOL Fellowship
By Scott Atkins - Chair - INSOL Fellows

Third Quarter 2014
Recent Developments in the Italian Insolvency System: the “Blank Composition”
By Rita Gismondi, Fellow, INSOL International
Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners -Rome, Italy

Second Quarter 2014
Enterprise Groups Proceedings in Colombia: Decree 1749 of 2011 Adopting UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law, Part III, Treatment of Enterprise Groups in Insolvency
By Diana Talero, Fellow, INSOL International, Superintendency of Companies, Bogota, Colombia and Luis Guillermo Vélez

First Quarter 2014
Making Waves: Examinations by Foreign Representatives in Australia under the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency
By Leonard McCarthy, Fellow, INSOL International, Henry Davis York, Australia


Fourth Quarter 2013
Investigating and Recovering Assets When the Liquidator has Limited Financial Means
By Timothy Le Cornu, Fellow, INSOL International &
Scott Andersen, KRyS Global

Third Quarter 2013
Cross-Border Case Study: Resolving Inter Company Claims between Corporate Group Companies in Insolvency Proceedings in Different Jurisdictions
By R. Craig Martin, Fellow, INSOL International, DLA Piper LLP (US)
Dr. H. Philipp Esser, LL.M Schultze & Braun GmbH

Second Quarter 2013
Letterbox Entities Under Attack!
By Jasper Berkenbosch, Fellow, INSOL International &
Róbin de Wit, DLA Piper, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

First Quarter 2013
The Guatemalan Cross-Border Insolvency Regime - Reviewing the Present & Foreseeing the Future
by Rodrigo Callejas (Fellow, INSOL International),Francisco Chávez, and Christian Michelangeli, Carrillo & Asociados, Guatemala, Guatemala 


Fourth Quarter 2012
COMI Confusion  - The Imperative for Model Law Clarification
by Scott A. Atkins

Third Quarter 2012
Lack of Mechanism for Determination and Application of Foreign Avoidance Law in Cross-Border Insolvencies Frustrates the Intent of the Model Law
by D. Farrington Yates & David A. Pisciotta

Second Quarter 2012
Some Lessons Learned from the Lehman Brothers Insolvency - The LBT Notes
by Peter J.M. Declercq

First Quarter 2012
Funding Litigation - A Practical Approach to the Alternatives Available to a Liquidator in the Context of an Offshore Insolvency
by Timothy Le Cornu


Fourth Quarter 2011
Notice, Due Process and the Public Policy Exception to Chapter 15 Relief in the United States
by Timothy A. Barnes

Third Quarter 2011
Pension Decision Raises Questions about Canadian DIP Loan Priority
by Jeffrey L. Oliver

Second Quarter 2011
Putting the INSOL Fellowship to the Test
by Stephen M. Packman

First Quarter 2011
Test Driving the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency in Australia: A Map of the Journey So Far
by Scott Atkins

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