INSOL International Mediation Panel

As part of its constant development of services, INSOL International has established the INSOL International Mediation Panel (IIMP) to deal with matters arising out of insolvency proceedings and restructuring or involving insolvency law, regulation or practice where mediation offers a more satisfactory method of resolving issues for the parties than litigation.

The Panel will be expanded to include an arbitration panel as well as mediation in the future.

The panel of mediators reflects the global nature of INSOL International and comprises world-renowned experts in the field of insolvency including judges, lawyers, and insolvency practitioners, all of whom have a minimum 15 years' experience in cross-border insolvency. 

Applications for future appointments should be made to Claire Broughton, Executive Director at

The INSOL International Mediation Panel (IIMP) will focus on insolvency, restructuring and allied matters that emerge in the course of insolvency proceedings: this focus will enable parties to disputes in this area of commercial activity to have complete confidence that the mediator will be fully cognisant of the needs of all the parties to an insolvency; the need to be aware of costs, of the consequences of delay and of the need for the parties to be able to justify their decision to use mediation to resolve areas of concern.

While most mediation arises out of disputes, in insolvency proceedings, there are areas of uncertainty regarding rights, quantum, the efficacy or propriety of a proposed course of action, which may be suitable for the independent view of a mediator.

In some jurisdictions, it is accepted that superior courts may not have the experience or expertise to resolve complicated matters arising out of an insolvency case. The parties may find it appropriate to approach the INSOL International Mediation Panel.

It is also a matter of fact that the caseload facing many courts globally results in delays that may be tolerable in the ordinary course of business but which are completely inappropriate when the parties are trying to restructure a business haemorrhaging cash. In those cases, the Mediation Panel will be able to assist in providing access to mediators able to act promptly and in full recognition of the needs of all parties.

The panel members are listed on the page above. If you are interested in exploring the ways in which the IIMP panel members could assist with the resolution of current issues please contact Claire Broughton at Please indicate if you have any specific experience or jurisdiction requirements.

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