Translation & Translated Articles

Please use the links above to view articles translated into specific languages.

INSOL are now pleased to offer an easy to use "in-page" translation service across our website.

Wherever you see this drop-down menu:


You will be able to select from a wide variety of languages in which to view all text on the current page.

Please note that  this feature is provided entirely by Google and their Google Translate service so we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the translation provided. Should you wish to assist with improving the quality of translation provided, we will gladly accept any contributions to

DISCLAIMER: INSOL International accept no responsibility for the accuracy or legitimacy of translated words or phrases. Nor do we accept any liability for loss or damages, whether consequential or otherwise, that might arise from the misinterpretation of the original text or its translations.
Furthermore INSOL International must emphasise the fact that this feature is intended to provide visitors with ease of access to the INSOL website, and the information contained within, in their native language only. INSOL's Conference and Seminar events are conducted solely in English and the provision of this translation service is not a guaruntee that we will make any provision for translation services in either written or spoken form at any point prior to, during, or following an event.  


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